Membership Applications

To apply to become an AiO Logistics Network member please read the following information carefully and then fill out the simple form below:

Pointers to remember while completing the application form…

It is very important in filling out the online application form is that you provide the four references we request. These references should be overseas agents who have worked with your office.
The references will require complete contacts (company name, name, direct phone / mobile and direct e-mail). The references provided should be:

  1. Senior management
  2. In companies outside of your home country market
  3. Have two years’ experience in working with your company
  4. Should be in non-related agent companies (should not have substantial cross shareholdings or in the same group as your company)

For those companies applying for more than one specialty, we may contact you for more references.

Please make sure to discuss the costs of membership with us BEFORE submitting an application

The cost of membership depends on the location and number of your offices. There are additional costs for each specialty you register for. All members are required to enroll in the Keystone Financial Protection Program.

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AiO is probably the most cost saving international logistics network out there to join.

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