Steamship LDA – one more project, one more success

Posted on 25 Dec 2017 at 3:06 by Pawika Naiswasdi

2017 marked another year of recognized evolution in the company Steamship, Portugal.

This year ended in the best way to this Portuguese firm, because it got the privilege of being responsible for another cargo project with many particularities that only professional and experienced team could guarantee.

Some of the steps of this cargo project:

– Pickup of total crates from all Iberian factories according to available packing list and moved to our bounded warehouse facilities in Leixões.

– Cargo reception and storage for all volumes.

Cargo loaded and stuffed as per customer requirements:

– Non-stackable, no tilt.
– Lashed and tied as per experienced staff and certified by an international surveyor.
– Export customs procedures (Clearance; Certificates; Etc.).
– Release of all laden full units in-gauge and out-of-gauge to Leixões terminal duly tied and secured for safe sea transport.
– Sea port operation and load of entire project to Jakarta, Indonesia.

The client’s regular nomination on Steamship, Lda for the logistic and transportation services, proves their organization is the proper choice to succeed in the most complex challenges, ensuring all customer goals and requirements are totally protected and guaranteed.

They have the great pleasure of publicizing their organization as: “Steamship, Premium Logistics”


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