Ziegler Group in Belgium joins AiO’s Commercial and Exhibition divisions!

Posted on 24 Aug 2018 at 8:26 by Pawika Naiswasdi

We are happy to introduce our latest AiO Logistics Network member office in Brussels, Belgium

This member is registered for our COMMERCIAL and EXHIBITIONS divisions.



Ziegler Group

Brucargo – Building 726/730 1931 BRUCARGO

Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 27 52 47 60

Website: http://aiologistics.net/member/ziegler-group/

Contact: Stephan Van den Bruel • Head of Air Freight

Unlike large global transport groups that operate with an aim for industrialisation, the Ziegler Group has always committed itself to remaining at a human scale and family-run business.

This configuration offers us to act flexibly, which allows us to offer tailor-made services as needed. Evolving at the speed of the market and with the needs of our clients, and at the same time remaining as close as possible to the problems “on the floor”, our group is in a position to intervene across the entire supply chain due to its ability to adapt to the request and specific characteristics of the job.

Our expertise in the transport of specific products (aeronautics, fashion, wine and spirits, bikes, fairs & exhibitions, dangerous goods, project cargo) and our steadfastness acquired over more than a century of activity make us a well-known and recognised player in the market. We have opted for locations at multiple sites, which makes it possible to offer a local service, with great responsiveness and flexibility.

Thanks to our integrated IT service, we develop our own processes for managing flows, thus enjoying complete control of our activity and real capability to innovate. These various tools enable us to offer our customers a full array of information about the managed flows in real time.

Our staff, enthusiastic and business-minded, are very loyal to the group and are managed via a benevolent HR policy. They undeniably contribute to the quality of the services provided, by acting individually and collectively with the aim of serving the client.

Precise and diligent study of the client’s request, team-based collaboration with the different players within the group in order to identify the best transport solutions to offer a perfectly suited and optimised response – these are the working methods which characterise the ZIEGLER Group’s endeavours.

We welcome Ziegler Group to the AiO team!


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