1. AiO Logistics Network (hence called AIO) is a non-exclusive network of independent freight forwarders and international logistics companies. Network membership is not capped by AIO.

2. All AIO members must be local or regional logistics companies with good reputations (regarding finance, operations, communications, sales coordination, and other professional factors) which can be backed up with at least four third-party agency references from countries outside of the residence of their main head office. This cannot be waived. Major multinational companies that work primarily only with their own branches cannot join AIO but neutral subsidiaries of such companies are allowed.

3. AIO members agree in their first year of membership to transfer at least 50% or more of their new business activities to other AIO members and from the second year of membership at least 70% or more of their new business.

4. AIO members agree to attend the worldwide meetings, not missing two consecutive years without reason. If a member attends a regional meeting in the same year they missed an annual meeting, it is considered that they did not miss the annual meeting that year.

5. AIO members who are not up to date and current with their accounts with AIO will not be allowed to attend international meetings.

6. AIO membership invoices for new members are payable upon presentation. For renewals, AIO will invoice one month in advance. Renewal invoices are due thirty days after the date of the invoices.

7. Any bilateral agency contracts between two AIO members are considered to supersede the AIO’s standards, terms and conditions.

8. As a point of professional courtesy, AIO members will not actively target and recruit personnel of other AIO members in the same gateway. However, if personnel respond to advertisements or general announcements then it is down to the discretion of the staff member.

9. As a point of professional courtesy, AIO members will not actively target and pursue accounts that they know work with other AIO members. Should an AIO member discover this to be the case with a new prospect, they should abandon the effort. However, if an AIO member is directly requested to quote new business or bid on a project by a potential customer who currently works with another AIO member, this becomes a non-issue. AIO member should never low ball the bid or quote simply to grab the business if it is currently held by another member.

10. No AIO members shall solicit any other AIO member for the purpose of having that member join another forwarder network that competes with AIO for membership. AiO Logistics Network reserves the right to forfeit the membership of any AIO member soliciting for other networks.