Why Join?

AiO is probably the most cost saving international logistics network out there to join. Here are just a few of the many benefits of membership.

You can join one network for many specialties, not many networks for single specialties. This alone can insure that you are cutting unnecessary costs. Why be a member of five or six groups when you can be a member of one and get more business out of your investment per dollar spent.

All of our logistics specialists really are specialists in their fields. We check these companies with a thorough application covering each specialty they are members in. We look at their track records and we look at their overall picture as well in order to deliver you the best overall network available in each specialty in the world. In fact, many of our members have joined for one specialty only – because our sub groups are really that good!

AiO saves you loads of money in travel and meeting expenses. You go to one annual general meeting to develop business for many types of cargo. This lets you meet your general cargo agents, project cargo agents, exhibition cargo agents, perishable cargo agents, etc., all at once and in one place. You don’t just save money, but you save time as well. Instead of being out a week for each network meeting you will attend, you will have only one week to go for a meeting per year.

All of our members have financial protection. Your money is safe when you work with other AiO members. Though we make sure when companies come in that they won’t be a risk to our members who can know the situation in a few years? As such we make sure that all of our members will be protected each and every time they work with other members of our great network.