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Upcoming Events

AiO and AiN Will Be Attending Global Industry Events And Exhibitions

AiO Logistics Network regularly participates in industry events and exhibitions around the world, which are vital to the networking process and expanding the group.

AiO Logistics Network (AiO) is managed by Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN).

September 8, 2024 -
September 11, 2024

NagaWorld Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia



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    Why attend AIO Meeting & Events

    AiO regularly considers attendance to events and will announce future participation in due course.

    We offer the opportunity of booth-sharing and sharing our expert knowledge.

    Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have about attending our AGM and look forward to meeting you at our next event if not elsewhere.

    Amanda Reimers

    AIO network is convenient, friendly, and safe. We enjoy the ease of having a multitude of agents to partner with and feel confident they are a trustworthy choice.

    Transways Group
    Taylor Marchal

    Being a member of AIO has helped us build trusted connections across the globe, which in turn has allowed us to provide our customers with the most efficient freight solutions with guaranteed exceptional service.

    All Points Container Line
    Sameer Kakodkar

    We are incredibly grateful for the dedication and expertise of AiO network. Their diligent management ensures us to stay connected with fellow members. Their quick response to any issues guarantees minimal downtime, and their innovative solutions have helped us adapt to evolving technological needs. AiO network management contribution is invaluable, and they play a crucial role in our success.

    Shobha Freight

    Ready to become a member? Let’s work together

    Contact our AiO Logistics Team who will be happy to talk to you!


    2020 Logistics




    South Africa

    Logistics is a word that you would see most often on the side of trucks. it might sound like a simple-enough business of moving things around, but it is growing to be more complex than this. Good logistics can make all the difference to a company’s ability to serve its clients. In an ever changing world of commerce, where the process of doing business with end users keeps evolving, the importance of logistics becomes more prevalent. At 2020 Logistics we know that the word has an even bigger meaning: it is all about the management of the flow of materials through an organisation, from raw materials to finished goods – ensuring the successful delivery of the right product to the right place at the right time. The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination to always apply the best of ourselves to any situation. Our aim is to follow a forward-thinking, proactive approach to all shipments thereby ensuring that all global freight forwarding and procurement challenges are effectively managed. At 2020 Logistics we have a clear vision in mind – to ensure we do everything we can, to move your business forward.