Benefits to join

AiO is probably the most cost saving international logistics network out there to join. Here are just a few of the many benefits of membership.

You can join one network for many specialties, not many networks for single specialties. This alone can insure that you are cutting unnecessary costs. Why be a member of five or six groups when you can be a member of one and get more business out of your investment per dollar spent.

AiO Logistics Network Annual General Meeting

Each year, AiO Logistics Network holds an Annual General Meeting for our members to network and meet face to face! AiO Logistics Network sees the importance of varying the location of our networking events. This not only makes it fair for accessibility. But it also broadens our member’s travel experience

Leveraging Strengths as a Group

When your company joins AiO you have the opportunity to enroll in various specialties including commercial cargo, project cargo, international removals, perishables and exhibition freight. From these specialties we form smaller groups specifically concentrated around that exact expertise. As such you will find that you have qualified companies for all your cargo all over the world, in one network. And they are all covered under the same financial protection.


  • Your business is engaged in the professional fulfillment of commercial customer freight orders, making sure resources move quickly and efficiently from one section of the supply chain to the next; and


  • You want to identify with prospective distribution and supply partners, and determine their effectiveness and accessibility with a view to more successful business,


This network, a part of the AiO Logistics Network is the right one for you.

When you complete your AiO Logistic Network Membership Application Form, and you select which network(s) you would like to be a part of, simply tick the box next to AiO Logistics Network.

You can, of course, select more than one network to join. As you know:

  • The increasing intricacy of supplying companies with the materials and resources they need;
  • The global expansion of supply chains; and,
  • The technology boom and the complexity of logistics processes

have led to the formation of highly specialized, commercial logistics-focused firms that expedite the movement of resources along the supply chain.

You can meet and partner with such specialist companies at our AiO Logistics Network exhibitions and events, managed by Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN).

Connectivity opens a world of opportunities. Developing your cargo business pipelines and establishing personal ties in this way quite often develops successful business partnerships, and even lifelong friendships.

Need more information? Contact our AiO Logistics Team who will be happy to talk to you! You may also chat with us online.

AiO, with more than 160 specialist Members in over 83 countries, from Afghanistan to Vietnam, is the outstanding international logistics network to join. Here’s why:

AiO – A Network With A Different Attitude And Approach

Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN), with its highly dedicated team of professionals, manages the AiO network by bringing together the world’s best logistics experts. An exclusive group of companies offering a varied array of services and products helping other logistics companies to do profitable business with one another globally.

Different Sub-Networks For Specializations

The AiO network is unique in its approach in that companies become Member Partners and may then opt to join one or more of the five  different sub-networks for specializations:

AiO Logistics (commercial cargo)

Project Cargo Nexus (project cargo)

Cool Chain Links (perishable cargo)

Show Partners (exhibition / show / event cargo)

Global Movements Alliance (international removals cargo).

Ask yourself what you are looking for in participating in AiO Logistics Network so that you will pick the sub-network(s) that will help you achieve those goals.

AiO Members Really Are Specialists In Their Fields

We check out thoroughly those organizations applying for AiO Membership, covering each specialty business sector in which they operate. We look at their track records and their overall performance to make sure you are partnering with only those companies that are the very best at what they do.

Our Members Have Financial Protection

Your money is safe when you do business with other AiO Members. We make sure when companies join AiO that they won’t be a risk to our Members, and that they will be protected every time they work with other Members of AiO. (The Keystone Financial Protection Program covers Member partners of the AiO networks).

AiO Membership Saves You Money In Travel And Meeting Expenses

Our Members meet in person every year at our Annual AGM to develop business for many types of cargo. This lets you join your general, project, exhibition, perishable, and other cargo agents, all in one place. You don’t just save money, but you save time too. Especially as we carefully plan our AGM’s so as to make the most of your valuable time.

If you wish to experience the many benefits of joining AiO before applying to become a Member, you are welcome to attend our AGM.

This year’s AiO AGM will be in our home base Bangkok (April 28 – May 4). So, we will look forward to giving you a personalized guide to the culture and vibrancy of Thailand’s capital city!

AiO Logistics Network will also be at Transport 2019 in Munich, Germany on June 4-7, 2019.

We offer booth sharing for our Members, you can find more detail and Register here.

Still not convinced about joining the AiO Logistics Network, the logistics world’s leading business-to-business network, or need more information? Contact our AiO Logistics Team who will be happy to talk to you! You may also chat with us online.

Join the AiO Network!

Find out more about the benefits of joining AiO Logistics Network, the criteria for membership and the application process.


AiO is probably the most cost saving international logistics network out there to join. Here are just a few of the many benefits of membership. You can join one network for many specialties, not many networks for single specialties.

Upcoming Events

AiO Logistics Network (AiO) will travelling around the world this year! AiO is managed by Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN).

This year the AIN team will be travelling the world and attending a number of exhibitions and events.

If you would like to meet at any of these events to discuss AiO, a representative will be present and happy to talk to you!

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