Benefits to join

AiO is probably the most cost saving international logistics network out there to join. Here are just a few of the many benefits of membership.

You can join one network for many specialties, not many networks for single specialties. This alone can insure that you are cutting unnecessary costs. Why be a member of five or six groups when you can be a member of one and get more business out of your investment per dollar spent.

AiO Logistics Network Annual General Meeting

Each year, AiO Logistics Network holds an Annual General Meeting for our members to network and meet face to face! AiO Logistics Network sees the importance of varying the location of our networking events. This not only makes it fair for accessibility. But it also broadens our member’s travel experience

Leveraging Strengths as a Group

When your company joins AiO you have the opportunity to enroll in various specialties including commercial cargo, project cargo, international removals, perishables and exhibition freight. From these specialties we form smaller groups specifically concentrated around that exact expertise. As such you will find that you have qualified companies for all your cargo all over the world, in one network. And they are all covered under the same financial protection.

Members of the Project Cargo Nexus network of AiO Logistics handle the specialist transportation of oversize and heavy items which, you will know only too well, requires individual transport planning from origin to destination.

Joining will give your business access to this trusted, worldwide network of other heavy lift and project cargo specialist agents, working professionally and safely.

When you complete your AiO Logistic Network Membership Application Form, and you select which network(s) you would like to be a part of, simply tick the box next to Project Cargo Nexus.

You can, of course, select more than one network to join.

We define Nexus as connection, link, chain, concatenation, progression, sequence, or train. And that is exactly what we offer: a network of true professionals all talking the same language … project cargo, heavy lift, and specialist shipments.

You can meet personally and partner with such specialist companies at our AiO Logistics Network exhibitions and events, managed by Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN).

The Project Cargo Nexus network of AiO Logistics comprises a dedicated team of professionals that brings together the best experts in shipping project cargo.

Need more Nexus information? Contact our AiO Logistics Team who will be happy to talk to you! You may also chat with us online.


Join the Project Cargo Nexus Network!

Find out more about the benefits of joining Project Cargo Nexus, the criteria for membership and the application process.


Project Cargo Nexus offers a network of good, solid, professional and independent project specialist companies around the globe who have displayed excellence in their home markets!

Upcoming Events in 2019

Project Cargo Nexus will travelling around the world this year! Project Cargo Nexus is managed by Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN).

This year the AIN team will be travelling the world and attending a number of exhibitions and events.

If you would like to meet at any of these events to discuss Project Cargo Nexus, a representative will be present and happy to talk to you!

Latest News

04th Jan

TEU (Xiamen) International Shipping & Forwarding Co., Ltd. in Xiamen, China joins All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO)

We are happy to introduce our latest AiO Logistics Network member office in Xiamen, China. This member is registered for our AiO Logistics Network, Project Cargo Nexus, Cool Chain Links divisions. TEU (Xiamen) International Shipping...

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15th Dec

TEU Bulgaria Ltd. in Sofia, Bulgaria joins All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO)

  We are happy to introduce our latest AiO Logistics Network member office in Sofia, Bulgaria. This member is registered for our AiO Logistics Network, Project Cargo Nexus, Cool Chain Links divisions. TEU BULGARIA LTD....

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24th Nov

Global Freight Management handles freezer units

  Global Freight Management team handled successfully a project cargo based on ex works from the Netherlands to Malaysia. This shipment is part of a bigger project they are handling at the moment for their...

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28th Sep

CEO of Accelerate Freight shares tips on how to maximize results from 1-2-1 meetings

Did you know, research says that, people decide whether they want to do business with us or not within 3 – 7 seconds of meeting us. This is based on their assessment of the handshake,...

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10th Sep

Global Freight Management transports cars by air

  Global Freight Management arranged a car import from  Sharjah International Airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This very special “super” car was handled with all the needed care and security for their customer, this was...

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09th Sep

Transworld Logistics Ltd transports pipes

  Transworld Logistics Ltd has successfully transported pipes from Tianjin, China to Lagos, Nigeria. The dimensions of the pipes were 12,030 x 340 x 340 MM / 834 pieces and 12,030 x 240 x 240...

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