What does AiO Logistics Network look for in applicants for Membership?

How does my company apply for Membership?

What should I remember when filling out the application for Membership?

What will AiO Logistics Network ask our reference companies?

How much does AiO Logistics Network Membership cost?

What is AiO Logistics Network’s policy regarding multiple offices in one geographic location?

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What does AiO Logistics Network (AiO) look for in applicants for Membership?

Mainly what we require from companies wishing to join AiO Logistics Network (AiO) is demonstrable commercial cargo forwarding excellence. We want companies which can prove their ability to handle various types of general cargo, and which are very active in their local markets for this business.

We want companies who have good reputations both locally and abroad.

A solid candidate for AiO is a shipping or logistics company that is independent, locally established, yet willing to grow their company in conjunction with AiO overseas partners.

Although we do not require our Members to stop using their own agency networks that they have developed organically, as a rule of thumb we like our AiO Members to give at least 50% of their new business to other AiO Members by the end of their first year of Membership.

How does my company apply for Membership?

You should fill out an application form. To complete that AiO Membership application form click here.

If for some reason this application form does not work, please contact AiO here and we will arrange to get the information from you directly.

What should we remember when filling out the application for Membership?

It is very important in filling out the online application form that you provide the four references we request. These references should be overseas agents who have worked with your office specifically handling general cargo. The references will require complete contacts (company name, name, position, direct phone / mobile and direct e-mail). The references provided should:

– be from senior management in companies outside of your home country market;

– have two years’ experience working with your company;

–  be in non-related agent companies (i.e. should not have substantial cross shareholdings in the same group as your company).

Also, each branch office that is applying to come into AiO will also have to supply a minimum of three references that will attest to their own ability to handle this specialized cargo. This requirement is due to the fact that we have found in the past some companies who were very good in one location, but not very good in others. We are diligent in making sure that all offices carrying our Membership are up to standard.

Be prepared to give detailed information on the cargo that you handled with these agents should we ask further. And if you are currently working with any AiO Members, that is also very important for us to know from the beginning.

Remember, applications without the four overseas agent references will be returned to you!

Once we have your application, then our AiO Executive Director will follow up your references personally. Should the reference companies give good recommendations, and the information regarding your company’s background and reputation be verified, then you will be offered Membership. After AiO sends to you an official notification about acceptance, our AiO Accounts department will send the Membership invoice to you. Once this is paid then we will add you to the Directory of AiO Members, and introduce you to all of the other Members.

What will AiO Logistics Network ask our reference companies?

We will ask such questions pertaining directly to your operational expertise, sales abilities, business communication practices (and skills) and your company’s financial stability. We will also inquire whether your referees have any other information, either positive or negative, which would be helpful in making a final decision regarding your ultimate acceptance or non-acceptance as a Member of AiO. We also will likely ask specific questions about the cargo and accounts that you worked with these agents on.

Applicants who are rejected will not be allowed to reapply for a minimum of six months.

How much does AiO Logistics Network Membership cost?

AiO Logistics Network has standardized annual Membership subscription fees that include obligatory financial protection for Members. You can obtain full information about AiO fees by contacting us here. Due to the fact that people who have wanted to know AiO dues for other reasons than applying for Membership, we will no longer publish these on this website. When filling out the contact form also please note that we will not send this information to free mail addresses such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. You should request using your own direct personal account at the company that is applying for Membership.

What is AiO Logistics Network’s policy regarding multiple offices in one geographic location?

From the beginning, AiO has been and will continue to remain, a non-exclusive network of independent logistics companies specializing in commercial and general cargo. If you have any specific questions about this then please feel free to contact us directly on our contacts page.

If you do not see your question here or you would like more clarification then please contact us by e-mail here.

AiO Logistics Network (AiO)

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E-Mail: info@aiologistics.net

Complaints Procedure

Any official complaints regarding AON Members should be made to the AiO Membership Coordinator with a cc to the AiO Executive Director. Any official complaints regarding AiO staff should be made directly to the AON Executive Director.

All details of upcoming meetings can be found on our website at: https://www.xlprojects.net/meetings/

XLProjects opened our doors in October of 2012. However, our company has been in the Networking business since February of 2003. Our Executive Director has been inforwarding related businesses, inclusive of project freight forwarding on large projects, since the 1980’s.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer free trial Memberships.

From the very beginning XLProjects has been, and will remain, a non-exclusive Network of independent projects logistics companies specializing in oversized, out-of-gauge and heavy-lift cargo. Though XLProjects do not impose a limit of Members / locations we do try to keep parity within the overall market as far as is possible.

Our full Members directory is available on our website at: https://www.xlprojects.net/preview-Members-list/