Benefits to join

AiO is probably the most cost saving international logistics network out there to join. Here are just a few of the many benefits of membership.

You can join one network for many specialties, not many networks for single specialties. This alone can insure that you are cutting unnecessary costs. Why be a member of five or six groups when you can be a member of one and get more business out of your investment per dollar spent.

AiO Logistics Network Annual General Meeting

Each year, AiO Logistics Network holds an Annual General Meeting for our members to network and meet face to face! AiO Logistics Network sees the importance of varying the location of our networking events. This not only makes it fair for accessibility. But it also broadens our member’s travel experience

Leveraging Strengths as a Group

When your company joins AiO you have the opportunity to enroll in various specialties including commercial cargo, project cargo, international removals, perishables and exhibition freight. From these specialties we form smaller groups specifically concentrated around that exact expertise. As such you will find that you have qualified companies for all your cargo all over the world, in one network. And they are all covered under the same financial protection.

If you are aspiring to expand the scope and coverage of your professional, fast, office and/or commercial, and/or house removal services, then you will want to join our AiO Global Movements Alliance.

You will have the opportunity of doing successful business with a networking alliance of other expert Furniture Removal Service companies which are:

  • The very best in what they do;
  • Trusted companies that look after their clients with utmost consideration, no matter what their price point may be;
  • Highly reputable, with proof of recommendations or testimonials;
  • Already insured, in case damage to any fragile furniture occurs. (The Keystone Financial Protection Program covers all Member partners of the AiO networks).

You can meet them personally and extend your business ties at our AiO Logistics Network exhibitions and events, managed by Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN).

When you complete your AiO Logistic Network Membership Application Form, and you select which network(s) you would like to be a part of, simply tick the box next to Global Movements Alliance.

You can, of course, select more than one network to join.

Global Movements Alliance‘s legitimate and reputable removers are waiting for you to join with them, the kind of partners that you can trust, knowing that they go out of their way to handle business professionally.

Need more information about our Global Movements Alliance? Contact our AiO Logistics Team who will be happy to talk to you! You may also chat with us online.


Join the Global Movements Alliance Network!

Find out more about the benefits of joining, the criteria for membership and the application process.


Global Movements Alliance offers a network of good, solid, professional and independent companies around the globe who have displayed excellence in their home markets!

Upcoming Events in 2019

Global Movements Alliance will travelling around the world this year! Global Movements Alliance is managed by Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN).

This year the AIN team will be travelling the world and attending a number of exhibitions and events.

If you would like to meet at any of these events to discuss Global Movements Alliance, a representative will be present and happy to talk to you!

Latest News

04th Oct

Global Transport Partners in Tokyo, Japan joins All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO)

We are happy to introduce our latest AiO Logistics Network member office in Tokyo, Japan. This member is registered for our AiO Logistics Networks, Project Cargo Nexus, Cool Chain Links, Global Movement Alliance and Show...

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20th Sep

Across the Ocean Shipping Adds Climate Positive Freight Solutions to Its Prowess, Cementing the Company As a Carbon Neutral Leader

Across the Ocean Shipping (ATOS), Australia’s leading freight forwarder, has launched a Proprietary Emissions Calculator in partnership with trace., one of the globe’s leading organisations for offsetting carbon emissions. Endeavouring to become accountable for its...

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16th Aug

AIN Restructures and Rebrands

Some exciting news! We are enthusiastic to announce that as of August 16, 2021, we have entirely restructured our group and have rebranded with a new group name. First, we have reincorporated our mother company...

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05th Aug

Tyrone Bond joins the AiO team

Originally from Durban, South Africa, Tyrone was working in distribution for FMCG and was responsible for the routing of vehicles. He has now been living in Thailand for the past three years and will be...

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30th Apr

Cargo Service LLC in St Petersburg, Russian Federation joins All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO)

We are happy to introduce our latest AiO Logistics Network member office in St Petersburg, Russian Federation. This member is registered for our AiO Logistics Networks and Project Cargo nexus divisions. Cargo Service LLC Address: 5th...

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05th Apr

Polarys Cargo Spa in Santiago, Chile joins All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO)

We are happy to introduce our latest AiO Logistics Network member office in Santiago, Chile. This member is registered for our AiO Logistics Networks, Project Cargo Nexus and Global Movement Alliance divisions. Polarys Cargo Spa...

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18th Mar

Across the Ocean Shipping Collaborates with Red Wolf Global Thailand to Move Excavator

Across the Ocean Shipping completed a recent successful shipment with fellow network partner, Red Wolf Global Thailand. They moved a PC450 Excavator via RORO. The dimension of the cargo was 8.20m x 3.32m x 3.35m...

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04th Mar

Across the Ocean Shipping Handles Trommel Screen Machine

Across the Ocean Shipping recently handled an export from Brisbane, Australia to Durban, South Africa. The cargo was four Trommel Screen Machines. The shipment was a great success, and they are looking forward to many...

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04th Mar

Across the Ocean Shipping Imports Commodity Cone Crusher

Across the Ocean Shipping have successfully and safely kept cargo moving throughout COVID-19 and recently imported Commodity Cone Crushers (1x40ft FR) from Houston, Texas to Fremantle, Australia. The shipment was smooth sailing and Across the...

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