Across the Ocean Shipping successfully deliver mining vibrating screens from Tianjin to Outback Western Australia!

Across the Ocean Shipping were recently entrusted with a complex urgent shipment. The challenge was to organise the Ex-works shipment of two mining Vibrating Screens from the factory in Tianjin/Xingang to a remote outback Mine in Paraburdoo, Western Australia. Timeframe was a tight 5 weeks deadline. Failure to meet the deadline would result in the mine going offline, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day!

Screen # 1 arriving at Tianjin Xingang Port for Shipping
Screen # 2 awaiting loading onto shipping vessel at Tianjin Xingang Port









Our Projects Team had the job of determining the best options to get these two over width and over height screens delivered within the client’s urgent time frame. Weighing over 16 tonnes each, this shipment required speedy and accurate ‘planning and communication’. Breaking the shipment process down into stages, they arranged the shipping from Tianjin Xingang Port via Singapore (with a short turnaround of 2 days) to get the consignment to then be shipped direct to Fremantle Port on the West Coast of Australia. This routing kept the client’s timeframe achievable.







Working in unison with our Operations Team, the Projects Team determined the most expedient delivery available to the mine.







Screen # 3 Screens en route from Fremantle to Paraburdoo via the beautiful Australian Outback








Utilising trusted local transport partners, our Operations team worked seamlessly with this stage of the process. As these were Over Width and Over Height machines loaded on Flat Rack containers, restrictions and conditions were enforced by local authorities. This meant permits needed to be obtained to move the screens on Western Australia’s roads. One of the restrictions demanded daytime only transport whilst taking into consideration the Fremantle curfew of not transporting during local traffic “rush-hour”. Across the Ocean Shipping managed and co-ordinated the 1500km trip via the Australian West Coastline before turning inland to the new home of these magnificent machines.

Across the Ocean Shipping’s Managing Director, Mr David Aherne, proudly congratulated both his Projects Team and Operations Team on another successful shipment. “Having met our Client’s urgent timeframe, our team have once again shown their professionalism and abilities to coordinate and communicate throughout a challenging task and achieve a fantastic result!” After speaking with our client, Mr Aherne shared their praise “We knew we had set Across the Ocean a tough task, but we had every confidence they would as usual get our delivery to us intact and on time.”

Despite the successful result, our team have already reviewed the project and have been able to identify even more efficient methods to streamline this type of Project. Contact Across the Ocean Shipping today with your enquiries, be it a small pallet or a monster like this one, we are proud to handle your precious cargo anywhere, anytime.


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