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AiO Logistics members, G M B International Shipping and Akar Logistics, team up to move cargo from Qatar via Turkey to Azerbaijan

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G M B International Shipping and Akar Logistics has successfully transported high value cargo – geophysical equipment from Doha, Qatar via Istanbul, Turkey to Baku, Azerbaijan . The cargo was loaded into 15 x 40’HC COC from Doha, Qatar and upon arrival to Istanbul, Turkey the cargo was reloaded into 15 x Standard Trailers for further delivery to Baku, Azerbaijan. There were strict requirements from the client, supplier side, and insurance company which were required to be met. They had managed to arrange everything as per the requirements despite COVID – 19 pandemic situation. The main requirements were as follow:

  • They had to arrange a third party surveyors at the loading point, transshipment point, and at the destination
  • All 15 x 40’HC COC had to be loaded and dispatched together on one vessel under one Bill of Lading
  • All 15 trailers from transshipment point in Istanbul, Turkey to Baku, Azerbaijan had to travel together in block
  • The trailers were allowed to stop only in designated and secured stop points – TIR Parks
  • All the trailers from Istanbul, Turkey to Baku, Azerbaijan had to travel with two escorts – one in front and one behind , which they managed to arrange via Turkey , Georgia and Azerbaijan territory.
  • All the trailers had to have a GPS system which is working in real time and they had to provide the GPS operator’s company name to the insurance company. Therefore all the trailers were equipped with the GPS system as per insurance company’s requirements.

G M B International Shipping had been working on this project for a long time and finally the job was awarded to them, and they successfully delivered the cargo to Baku, Azerbaijan before the deadline and despite the ongoing pandemic situation. They would like to say a bit thank you to their partner in Turkey – Akar Logistics who helped arrange the transport in a professional way as per the requirements.





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