All Points Container Line Transports Boat and Flying Bridge from USA to Brazil


All Points Container Line has successfully transported a brand-new boat and flying bridge from (Factory to Dealer) from Charleston, South Carolina, USA to Itapoa, Brazil by ocean.

All Points Container Line handles a fair amount of Out of Gauge (OOG) cargo every year. Moving OOG loads always has its challenges. Their challenge this time is that there are major equipment shortages in the USA currently.

Detail of each cargo is as follows:


Mass: 7,394 kg, 73 kN

Measures: L 11.89 x W 3.56 x H 4.05 m

OOG Date:    Over Height: 179.0 cm

Over Width: Left 56.0 cm Right 56.0 cm

Over Length: Front N/A Rear N/A

Flying Bridge

Mass: 1,361 kg, 13 kN

Measures: L 3.05 x W 2.50 x H 2.20 m

OOG Date:    Over Height: N/A

Over Width: Left 3.0 Right 3.0 cm

Over Length: Front N/A Rear N/A