Big Log Morocco Moves a Turbojet under the SAFRAN Case from Morocco to France and Saudi Arabia


Big Log Morocco recently moved a turbojet – under the SAFRAN Case. It will be used for Airbus A320, Series Boeing 737, A340-200, A340-300, DC-8, Boeing C-135. Reference CFM56-5B Engine Stand Specifications:

Weight 2, 415 kg (5,290 lbs)

Dimensions 4,420 mm X 2,413 mm X 1,549 mm

Port of Loading: Port of Casablanca, Morocco

Port of Discharge: France Liege in France by road, and Port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia by sea

The challenge of the move was that the deadline was very tight, as they received the RFQ (request for quote) only 5 days before the planned departure. Also, the insurance needed to cover this valuable cargo was very high – around 14 million euros.