First Greenhill Logistics details the current situation in Myanmar

As everyone is  aware about the present situation in Myanmar through every TV channel as well as News Paper. However, First Greenhill Logistics would like to keep fellow members updated and kindly have the information below for everyone’s reference.

  •  Overall Political situation is relatively passionate. The Civil Disobedience have gained a lot of momentum and the demonstration is quite active.
  • Beside active political fellows, a lot of Government staff, general people are participating the demonstration
  • Many factories have shut down their production units and a lot of factories are experiencing the slowness of activities due to absence of workers.
  • Many transportation companies have limited their operation due to potential threat of their movement and extra cautions of cargo.
  • Military government has imposed curfew from 8 PM to 4 AM till further notice and maximum 5 people are allowed for gatherings in public.

Internet Connectivity: It was seriously disrupted on 6 and 7-Feb but from 8-Feb, it’s been back to the normal.

–  Ports: The Terminals are working but shortage of manpower is forcing vessel to make delay

–  Customs: Customs are slowed down due to shortage of staff.

–  Banks: Online payment is still working but bank activities are seriously impacted due to staff having participated in the demonstration.

–  Air Ports: Airports operations are slow due to lack of staff and airlines also changing the flight schedule frequently due to the situation.