Flowfreight Oversee Air Cargo from Amsterdam to Lima

Flowfreight Oversee Air Cargo from Amsterdam to Lima

Flowfreight recently flew the cargo from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to the customer’s destination in Lima, Peru.

One unit of 17,500 kg was not a normal air freight cargo due to its weight and size. The challenge was to find a suitable solution that suited the deadline as well. Flowfreight chose KLM airline for its direct route option to the destination.

The shipper built the crate to protect the cargo. But after having had intense communications with the airline and a loadmaster Flowfreight had to remove the crate so the airline was able to lash and safely secure the cargo directly to the steel cargo frame.

Details of the load:

Load: Crankshaft assembly and spare parts

Dimensions: 410 x 310 x 240 cm

Weights: 17,500 kg

POL: Amsterdam Airport

POD: Lima Airport

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