Ginter Logistics arrange the shipment of a Sand Excavating Boat

Ginter Logistics arrange the shipment of a Sand Excavating Boat

Agent: Ginter Logistics Service Co.,Ltd. (GLS)

Commodity: Used Sand Excavating Boat (Light Vessel)

Total: 120000 kgs /1184cbm

POL: Shanghai Port China

POD: Tincan Lagos

Carrier: COSCO

Project details:

For Ginter Logistics this project is in the process of operation, it is necessary to coordinate the handling process and the time required in order to prevent the possibility of the vessel or goods waiting too long leads to much demurrage cost.

Considering Sand Excavating Boat is a kind of cargo which needs special transportation, they need to use a barge to transport it to the port and then loading onto the vessel. Considering the customer didn’t apply the related formalities in advance, they were unable to berth, so Ginter Logistics asked the carrier to assist the port inspector for this urgent application plan, eventually they avoided the extra demurrage costs.

Through this project they left a deep impression on the customer. All projects need to be tracked and analysed for a long time. Price is important, the need for quotation analysis is very important and to choose a suitable price to the customer. As the price was floating, Ginter Logistics need to provide an explanation to the customer and a lot of discussion between the teo parties can lead to accepting trading posts. After the price is discussed, the cost becomes a major limiting factor, whilst trying to reduce the cost in a reasonable range to maximize the profitability.