QCS Organizes Antonov 124 Full Charter Flight from Belgium To the U.S.

QCS Organizes Antonov 124 Full Charter Flight from Belgium To the U.S.

In cooperation with their USA Project Partner UTC Overseas, Inc., located in Wilmington, NC, QCS Quick Cargo Service GmbH recently organized a full charter flight from Belgium to the U.S. The load consisting in total 50 tons of machinery with a volume of 458 cbm was uplifted from Oostende-Brugge to Charlotte, North Carolina. The biggest oversize freight pieces measured over 5 metres width, 7 metres length and 3.9 metres height.

The flight was performed by Russia-based operator Volga-Dnepr. QCS Quick Cargo Service branch in Düsseldorf/Ratingen was in charge of organizing the charter flight using the world’s second largest cargo aircraft.

QCS offers excellent Air-Charter solutions for unusual destination, urgent, sensitive, sensitive high-volume cargo. When it comes to air charter, flexibility is the name of the game. They offer you an individual solution for your transport request. Get in contact now with Sales Manager in Germany on [email protected] and/or Tel: +49 6105 9113-52.

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