Quest Freight Ltd. transports three helicopters

In May, Quest Freight Ltd., arranged the transport of three helicopters to the Middle East from London aboard an Antonov 124 charter flight. The total shipment was 21 pieces, 14,774 kgs and 87,104kgs, and total volume of 523cbm.

There were a lot organisation with the airline, customers, airport, hangar operators, ground handling agents, and security arrangements before the shipment. The helicopters were flown in and engineers worked to remove the rotor blades and have them packed in blade boxes to be delivered to the airport in advance. The major challenge was in winching the helicopters aboard as they had to ensure the winches were securely fastened and the helicopters did not foul anywhere on their way into the Antonov, as we all know helicopters are not built to go up or down ramps.

Congratulations to Quest Freight on a job well done!