TEU Bulgaria Handles Three Power Units

TEU Bulgaria completed a shipment to Kazakhstan that had a very tight time constraint. The shipment consisted of three power units weighing 10,980 kg each and measuring at 545 x 240 x 285 cm as well as several smaller packages. It was picked up in Ravno Pole and delivered to the Sofia Airport. There, cranes and crew were waiting for the aircraft, an Ilyushin Il-76. Oil and antifreeze were drained from the power units, batteries were disconnected, then the cargo was customs cleared and loading operations were completed in record time.

The whole operation begun on Christmas Eve 08.00 and finished on the same day at 19.00. Their dedicated staff followed the operations throughout the whole day in order to guarantee that all parties involved will work “like a Swiss clock” and to guarantee that the operations will be finished on time.

Then the aircraft IL-76 took off and arrived at the destination of Almaty in Kazakhstan just in time to meet the client’s deadline.