TEU Bulgaria Ltd. Delivers Voting Machines

TEU Bulgaria was tasked with delivering 9,400 voting machines to the same number of voting sections throughout the whole Bulgaria. The whole project started only two days before the expected pick up of the machines from the supplier’s warehouse in Sofia. They organize the pick up on Friday afternoon following a strict schedule and delivering the same day to the warehouses in the 28 district cities in Bulgaria. They also had to find and organize the 28 warehouses in the district cites who had to work from 6 am on Saturday until 4 AM on Monday morning.

The most challenging task was organising 290 small trucks to deliver the machines at more than 9,400 voting sections, all this should have been done on the Saturday. Last but not least – on Sunday evening, they had to pick up the machines from the voting sections, delivering them to the district warehouses, loading on the trucks and delivery back on Monday morning to the main warehouse in Sofia.