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What’s new in CargoWise Customs: September 2023

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Trade professionals are operating in what is an increasingly complex legal and commercial environment, all while having to remain highly productive, commercially competitive, and customer service focused.

More worryingly, accidental, or intentional breaches of these controls now regularly result in multi-million-dollar fines, penalties, and bans, and have included actual or suspended jail time for deliberate offenders. Directors, officers, managers, and anyone who ‘facilitates’ illegal trade are increasingly being held accountable by governments, to crack down on a lack of diligence, close the loopholes and prevent illegal trade.

To help overcome these challenges, we have invested more than 5.3 million development hours into building a platform that is at the forefront of managing international and cross-border logistics, changes in trade patterns, and evolving logistics regulations.

From automations to ensure compliance with the new Single Window Initiative in Brazil, to increased flexibility when it comes to handling Declaration Unique Consignment References in the UK, here’s a round-up of five new customs and compliance features in CargoWise.


Ensure you’re ready for the new Single Window Initiative – BRAZIL

Brazilian based importers, exporters and agents have significant changes to prepare for with a phased roll-out of an entirely new single window initiative, set to become mandatory for all imports by 1 January 2024.

Automated and integrated processes help manage import and export declarations efficiently. CargoWise is set up to meet single window requirements for exports and will be ready to meet new import requirements in 2023.

With Brazilian customs requirements and declaration processes integrated into a global platform, you can significantly reduce the processing time for customs declarations, while seamlessly maintaining the accuracy of customs declaration data and ensuring trade compliance.

Real-time data exchange also allows teams to make informed decisions and swiftly adapt to changing compliance requirements, eliminating the need for multiple data exchange channels which helps streamline workflows and reduce duplication of effort.


Gain greater control handling of DUCR transitions – UNITED KINGDOM

We’ve added a new feature to give you more options and flexibility when it comes to handling Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR). The DUCR is a crucial identifier used in international trade and logistics to uniquely identify a consignment throughout its journey from origin to destination.

Currently, both Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) and Customs Declaration Service (CDS) support the use of part numbers for DUCRs. CargoWise now automatically sends a DUCR and part number together as a pair of Previous Document references in declaration and export inventory messages to CDS.

However, it’s important to be aware that the support for part numbers in CDS is temporary and will eventually be discontinued, specifically for export operations. This temporary support is intended to assist during the dual running period, but in due course, part numbers will no longer be allowed in CDS.

In response to these changes and to give you more control over your processes, we’ve enhanced CargoWise to allow users to manage automations, including the option to turn off the use of part suffixes altogether. This empowers you to tailor the system to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a smoother transition as the regulations evolve.


Comply with new NMFS requirements – UNITED STATES

CargoWise now supports the Certificate of Admissibility (COA), a new requirement introduced by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Program in the United States.

The COA is designed to ensure the admissibility and compliance of fish and fish products entering the United States from Mexico and New Zealand. This certificate serves as proof that the imported goods meet the necessary regulatory standards and are eligible for entry into the country.

Once the official implementation date for COA is announced by the NMFS, CargoWise will be fully prepared to handle the new requirements seamlessly. You’ll be able to access COA on the OGA/PGA tab as an additional NMFS Program. And remember, the requirement to file COA will only be applicable if your goods have a Country of Origin listed as MX (Mexico) or NZ (New Zealand).


Streamline shipping order number validations – CHINA

We’ve updated CargoWise with a new feature that helps you avoid potential customs issues in Mainland China. The Shi Lian Dan (shipping order number) is a unique reference assigned to each eManifest message. Using the same number across multiple eManifest messages can cause problems with customs, and there’s a risk that your containers might not be loaded onto the vessel as planned.

With our latest update, CargoWise will check and alert you whenever the same Shi Lian Dan is entered for multiple shipments. This way, you can catch any potential errors early on and ensure your shipments smoothly sail through customs.


Drive faster imports with BINs now on shipping documents – BANGLADESH

For smoother customs import processing of air and sea imports to Bangladesh, Direct Consolidations and Shipments will now display the Business Identification Number (BIN) of the Consignee and Notify Party on shipping documents.

Instead of the Agent Identification Number (AIN), the VAT number, or BIN, will be used for the Consignee and Notify Party in Bangladesh, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy. To save the BIN for the Bangladeshi Consignee and Notify Party, use the existing BD ‘VAT’ Organization Registration Code type in the Shipment.


Source: https://www.cargowise.com/news/what-s-new-in-cargowise-customs-september-2023/

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