Hunicorn Zrt in Budapest, Hungary joins All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO)

We are happy to introduce our latest AiO Logistics Network member office in Budapest, Hungary.

This member is registered for our AiO Logistics Network division.

Hunicorn Zrt

Address: Hunicorn Zrt Szent Laszlo Ter 20 Budapest 1102 Hungary
Budapest, Hungary



People to contact: Hunicorn Pricing – All Enquiries

Hunicorn International Freight Forwarding Limited provides comprehensive 3PL logistics services in Hungary and neighbouring countries.

We handle Sea shipment, Air, Project cargoes, OOG (oversized) shipments, flexitanks, ISO tanks, Reefers, Dangerous cargo and even personal effects.

We also provide warehousing and customs services.

Areas covered: Hungary,Slovenia,Slovakia,Czech,Serbia,Montenegro,Bulgaria,Croatia,Romania and Austria

We welcome Hunicorn Zrt to the AiO team!