TIBA International Algerie Handles Valves, Piping, Tees and Accessories


TIBA International Algerie handled two shipments which were loaded in Shanghai, China to the port of Djen Djen, Algeria with the collaboration of their China and Spain offices.

1st Shipment:
• Number of pieces: 301
• Weight: 1,170 Tonne (Valve = 15.2 Tonne per piece / 10 pieces)
• Volume: 1,341.40 CBM

2nd Shipment:
• Number of pieces : 323
• Weight : 1,039 Tonne ( Valve = 15.2 Tonne per piece / 15 pieces)
• Volume : 1,250.29 CBM

TIBA International Algerie coordinated:
• Surveyor during vessel unloading
• Unloading from ships under hook to place of rest
• Import customs clearance
• Transit declaration for moving the cargo from port to outside storage yard
• Reloading of trucks at place of rest
• Storage at place of rest Transportation from place of rest to outside storage yard
• Unloading at outside storage yard
• Storage at outside storage yard
• Reloading on trucks at outside storage yard
• Transport of valves from Djen Djen storage yard to Timzhert, Mdareg and Knenda