TIBA handles huge Prototype Wind Turbine Nacelle

TIBA handles huge Prototype Wind Turbine Nacelle

TIBA recently managed the shipment of a prototype wind turbine nacelle from the manufacturer’s premises in Japan to a specialized laboratory in Sangüesa (Navarra), Spain.  The wind turbine remained in the National Renewable Energy Center (CENER) of Sangüesa for several months, completing a series of tests.

Last July this nacelle had to be returned back to Japan. TIBA coordinated this shipment again.

To move this nacelle, that alone has a weight in excess of 215 tones, a convoy of over 100 meters long, consisting in a 28 axel (14 + 14) Goldhofer “Faktor 5” High Girder Bridge and 4 tractor trucks were required (each capable of moving 250 tons).

During the 160 km overland trip that took 6 days, the convoy had to overcome obstacles of all kinds including roundabouts, tunnels, street furniture, severe road curves as well as steep roads. Only night transport was allowed and 20 road police officers were needed for traffic control.

TIBA worked with Transbiaga and the latter’s equipment and engineers to complete this overland transportation and took care of loading the nacelle onboard for sea transport to Japan.

This transport has dimensions that make it exceptional: 94,81 meters in length (approximately an average soccer field), 6.54 meters in Width, 5.32 meters in Height and 514.4 tons in Weight. The nacelle, had to be transported in one piece. The height from road to the nacelle was about 15 cm.

Motorway sections had to be closed due to traffic. This project was handled by: Mr. Juan de Castro, TIBA Spain Project Manager.

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