Trans Global Auto Logistics establish AQIS pre-cleaning and asbestos pre-testing removal program in Australia

Trans Global Auto Logistics establish AQIS pre-cleaning and asbestos pre-testing removal program in Australia

Trans Global Auto Logistics are proud to announce that they have been working very hard over the last 18 months to create an approved offshore AQIS pre-cleaning and most currently an asbestos pre-testing and removal program with the Australian Border Force control.

Their West Coast facility located in Compton, CA is currently the only site recognized as an Approved Offshore Cleaning facility by the Australian government in the USA. This approval enables them to offer “Guaranteed Pre-Cleaning” meeting the Australian Biosecurity requirements for vehicles and motorcycles.

This pre-inspection and pre-cleaning system allows their customers to avoid the hidden and inflated costs associated with attendance fees, quarantine inspections and cleaning at the destination.

Trans Global Auto Logistics guarantee the cleaning and therefore in the unlikely event your vehicle does get a random inspection or is re-inspected upon arrival, they will cover any associated inspection or cleaning cost.

They have combined the Pre-Testing for Asbestos and Pre-Cleaning programs in an All-In LCL and FCL Full Service Program, which includes the Asbestos Check and Pre-Cleaning programs, it also includes loading, shipping, marine insurance, port charges, unpacking, clearance and destination fees in Australia. (There are some exclusions that do apply such as customs fees and those exclusions will be fully outlined for you prior to booking).

The Australian Border Force has reiterated “Due Diligence” must be exhibited in determining what the risk items are and to assure those items are tested to confirm they are “Asbestos Free”.

They have an Asbestos expert whom specializes in vehicles and they will assess the components at risk on each vehicle and test them (which includes all brakes pads), they will provide a NATA approved equivalent certificate.  For the items that fail, the items with asbestos will be removed and Customs will be provided with a Statement of Removal.  If items are replaced they will be required to be re-tested for asbestos.

The cost for the removal/replacement will be obtained and provided to the customer.

They have presented their proposed program to the Australian Border Force and most importantly, the Australian Border Force recognizes Trans Global’s program as providing “Due Diligence”, which will eliminate your risk of fines and penalties.

If you are unsure on your obligations as an importer, please contact the Australian Border Force directly 1300 558 099 or visit the below link for further facts and reference.

Please feel free to contact Trans Global Auto Logistics or their Destination Agent in Australia DAZMAC at 1300 DAZMAC (329 622) direct to learn more about this amazing program and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Trans Global Auto Logistics look forward to being of service to you and they will continue with their best efforts to assure you that they are doing everything they can to assure they are providing their customers with the best tools and options available to meet the Australian Government vehicle importation requirements and regulations.